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GHB is also known as Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate (or GBH or grievous bodily harm).

GBL is also known as Gamma Butyro Lactone.

Both drugs are also known as

  • G
  • Gina
  • liquid ecstasy.

What is GHB/GBL?

GHB is made from ingredients that include industrial solvent and wood/paint stripper. It’s usually a clear, odourless liquid sold in small bottles or containers which is added to a soft drink to mask its salty taste. Sometimes GHB comes in powder form, is mixed with water, then added to a drink (but never alcohol).

GBL is an industrial solvent used to make GHB but is now being taken on its own. GBL turns into GHB once in the body. It’s colourless and salty-tasting like GHB but can have stronger and more unpredictable effects.

When GHB laws became tighter, GBL became more common because it was legal. Now both drugs are illegal.

What’s the attraction?

Despite the name liquid ecstasy, the drug’s effects are nothing like E. Low doses of G can make someone relaxed, uninhibited, horny or give a mild high, for one to four hours.

Many people take G to boost the effect of ecstasy or other drugs. It’s popular on the clubbing scene and in saunas.

GHB/GBL and sex

GHB/GBL has a reputation for making people horny and in some men can cause an increased sense of touch and stronger orgasm; also delayed ejaculation. Its relaxing effect means some use it to help get fucked.

As the drug lowers inhibitions and increases sex drive, it can lead some men to have unsafe sex with the risk of HIV and other infections being picked up or passed on.

Taking G can take away your ability to consent to sex or leave you unable to remember what sex you had.

Last review: 30/09/2011
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