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Condoms and lube

Think you’ve heard it all about condoms and lube? With things like different materials for condoms, internal condoms for anal sex and silicone lubes, there’s new stuff to know about. And as rubbers can be tricky to use, it’s never too late to learn new condom tricks.

Where to read more

Check the THT website for all you need to know about condoms and lubes, and tips on getting over common problems, including losing erections when putting condoms on.

You can find information about using condoms for men with pierced dicks in our section on Piercings and HIV.

Internal condoms

Although not originally made for use by men, some of us are using them when we fuck other men, either placed in the arse or used as a big, baggy condom (in both cases the inside ring is taken out).

The advantages of an internal condom are that:

  • the guy being fucked is in charge – he puts it inside his arse before sex, possibly some time before the session
  • ‘tops’ might prefer them because it means they don’t have to wear a regular condom though he does need to take the inner ring out

Internal condoms can be a help to men who find that external condoms kill their hard-on, but they do have a few disadvantages:

  • They are more expensive than external condoms (about £1.50 each)
  • Some say they are too noticeable or more likely to break.

Internal condoms were not designed for anal sex and there currently isn’t enough research to say whether they are effective and safe enough to be recommended.

Last review: 07/09/2018
Next review: 07/09/2021