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How common is NSU?

NSU stands for non-specific urethritis and is sometimes called non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU). It’s one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

What causes NSU?

Urethritis means inflammation of the urethra, which is the pipe in your dick that piss comes down. It’s usually caused by bacteria that live in the arse, cock and mouth, but you only get NSU in your cock.

NSU is called non-specific because the exact cause isn’t always known. It’s often caused by chlamydia, and is also caused by the sexually transmitted bacterium Mycoplasma genitalium (also known as MG or Mgen) through unprotected anal sex. Mgen has developed some antibiotic-resistant strains.

What are the symptoms of NSU?

There may be no symptoms, but around 10 to 20 days after getting infected you might notice a white-ish discharge or a burning feeling when pissing, and pissing frequently.

How is NSU passed on?

NSU is passed on through unprotected:

  • fucking or being fucked
  • sucking or being sucked.

Also, lots of sex or wanking can cause NSU when the urethra becomes inflamed.

How is NSU prevented?

Using condoms will greatly reduce the risk of NSU being picked up or passed on.

No-one’s immune to NSU. If you’ve had it before, you can get it again.

How is NSU treated?

A sample of your piss is tested or a swab taken from your urethra. NSU can be cured by antibiotics, either using just one pill or by taking pills for a week or two.

What happens if NSU isn’t treated?

Untreated NSU can cause serious damage to your balls (known as epididymitis), arthritis or prostatitis (long-term inflammation inside the arse).

Last review: 09/11/2018
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