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AKA cock and ball torture.

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Teal (blueish-green)

What is CBT?

CBT means prolonged stimulation of the genitals and can involve:

  • flicking, squeezing, teasing and stroking (to orgasm or not)
  • kicking, punching or hitting (aka ballbusting) with hands, canes, paddles or any blunt instrument
  • stimulation with electricity
  • genital bondage/coverage (eg with clingfilm)
  • shaving
  • sensations (eg use of temperature with hot wax, Vicks, Deep Heat, ice cubes; also applying clothes pegs, rubbing with sandpaper etc)
  • hanging weights from the genitals
  • wearing metal, rope, rubber or leather devices that divide and separate cock and balls.

What’s the attraction?

Most men’s sexual sensation is centred on the dick. It’s also an extremely vulnerable part of the body. With the area so sensitive to touch, there’s a blurred line between pleasure and pain. During cock and ball play the excitement that comes from feeling abused, punished or controlled is heightened. Both guys are playing with the power, trust and erotic thrill involved when one man allows his genitals to be handled roughly. Being tied up and/or blindfolded makes this effect even stronger.

During intense stimulation pleasure hormones (endorphins) are released that are also natural euphoria-causing pain killers.

Last review: 19/09/2018
Next review: 19/09/2021