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AKA corporal punishment.

Hanky code

Black (means heavy S&M, such as whipping), or a whip, paddle or similar, worn:

  • on the left (wants to hit)
  • on the right (wants to be hit).

What is CP?

CP is getting sexual kicks from one man inflicting pain on another by striking with a range of implements. These can be a:

  • hand (bare or gloved)
  • belt
  • paddle
  • crop
  • switch
  • cane
  • shoe
  • rod
  • whip
  • tawse (a kind of strap split into a number of tails at the end).

Varieties of whip include the bullwhip, South African sjambok (pronounced ‘shambock’) and multi-tailed cat o’nine-tails.

The ‘victim’ may be restrained and/or tied to an object such as a whipping bench and/or be kept in an uncomfortable position. Levels of force may range from that which leaves a short-lived reddened area to welts, lacerations and permanent scarring.

Buttocks, inner thighs or back are the main targets; possibly palms of hands too (especially in school role play).

What’s the attraction?

Stimulation and pain – sometimes extreme – are central parts of sadism and masochism. For some men CP has erotic triggers of school or military punishment and discipline, and may involve school or army role play.

A masochist gets humiliated and experiences a loss of power from being stripped bare (exposing taboo areas such as arse and genitals), possibly restrained, gagged or blindfolded, then subjected to a controlled beating. Excitement comes from the drama of the situation, waiting for the next strike and seeing if the pain can be tolerated. As the scene progresses a sub may feel dependent on the top and crave the non-violent touch of the top.

If someone’s turned on enough, what would usually be felt as pain can be felt as a pleasurable high. The body’s natural painkillers, endorphins, are released and the bottom can enter ‘sub space’, a state of euphoria that can leave him feeling disorientated and detached from his body and the world around him.

For the sadist the kick comes from assuming the power and authority that goes with exerting control over another. He gets off on:

  • releasing his aggression
  • the tension he’s creating in the scene
  • the dramatic trappings of the beating and its sights and sounds (eg, contact on flesh, victim’s reactions or reddened skin etc).

Last review: 20/09/2018
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