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AKA: electro-stimulation, e-stim, electrosex.

What is electro?

Electro involves using low current electricity for sexual stimulation. Either electrodes are placed directly on the skin or electrical charges are directed at the body without actually touching it.

Electro uses equipment that can be battery powered or run off mains electricity. Equipment can include body toning devices or TENS units (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) which are more commonly used to stimulate nerves and muscles for back pain relief. Other toys designed for sex play include anal plugs, dildos, cock rings, and sounds that have all been designed to carry electricity and cause muscles to contract.

Violet wands (aka violet rays) are handheld devices with a glass electrode attached. Different shaped attachments produce different effects. The wand is held near (not on) the skin, and the electrical charge passes between it and the body: this can be seen and looks like sparks. The name comes from the ozone gas inside the glass electrode that glows purple/violet.

During electro a gel is usually applied to the skin to conduct the electrical charge better.

Electro can involve sensations that are like mild static electric shocks, tingling, tickling, throbbing, burning or a serious jolt, and may range from very mild to painful.

What’s the attraction?

Nerves in our body are electrical triggers hooked directly to the pleasure centres of the brain. During regular sex nerves are triggered by friction and pressure, but during electro the electrical current gives direct, constant stimulation. From gentle tingling to throbbing and pulsating, electro can heighten sexual response and increase sensitivity to orgasm.

Other bonuses are that play doesn’t need two players and can last as long as the equipment’s switched on.

The associations between electricity and danger make electro a form of edge play, but one that in reality is relatively safe, as long as it’s done with equipment designed for sex. It can feature in sexual ‘torture’ or interrogation scenes as a power trip for both men, with connotations of cruelty and fear.

For the ‘victim’ the thrill comes from anticipating the shock, whether it will be bearable and the tension and drama of being under the control of another man. The top gets off on controlling and dominating; his sadistic pleasure is seeing the immediate effect he’s having with the electrical current.

Violet wands can in themselves aesthetically-pleasing objects, with different attachments and glowing neon colours caused by the ozone gas inside them. The smell of the gas and buzzing, crackling sound can be a turn-on itself.

Last review: 20/09/2018
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