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Things to know about enemas/douching

An enema/douche immediately before sex means you can still ‘leak’ water for a while, so do it at least an hour before.

Overuse can interfere with the normal workings of the bowel, leaving some people’s bowels needing laxatives to function.

Alternatives to shop-bought enemas/douches include turkey basters or ear syringes filled from the tap and emptied up the arse.


Douching/enemas wash away much of the protective mucous lining of the arse, leaving someone more open to infections. It can irritate the arse lining making it easier for infections to enter through inflamed skin.

Sticking a nozzle up an arse can cause tiny cuts and bleeding, allowing infections to spread.

For comfort, and to prevent cuts, smear lube on the inside of your arse hole and on whatever you stick up there.

To stop the spread of infections, equipment needs washing after use (or between men if being shared). Use a mix of 1 part bleach to nine parts water and rinse thoroughly.


Enemas can ‘overload’ the heart and interfere with its rhythm, so should be avoided by those with an irregular heart beat or heart conditions.

Equipment that uses a shower attachment up the arse carries risks as there’s less control over temperature, volume and force of water. Too much can puncture the rectum/colon, so be cautious with the flow and temperature.

Never do an enema on someone hanging upside down (very painful and dangerous).

Want to know more?

For more information about douching and enemas try the Albany Power Exchange website.

Last review: 20/09/2018
Next review: 20/09/2021