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Things to know about saline

The procedure can take hours while the saline infusion takes place. As the saline is absorbed by the body, inflated genitals return to normal size within hours or up to two to three days (any longer is a medical emergency).

Care must be taken not to puncture the actual testicle inside the scrotum, but to inject in the narrow space between it and the scrotal sac.


Total sterility is needed, including surgical/alcohol swabs, intravenous catheters/needles and a medical supply of saline solution. Kits are for sale over the internet.

Injecting risks introducing infections into the body, with the risk of gangrene or possibly life-threatening cellulitis (an acute inflammation of tissue under the skin caused by bacteria). Symptoms of cellulitis are fever or chills, with red, warm, tender, swollen skin. Urgent medical help is needed.

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