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Sex toys

AKA: toys, dd (dildos), plugs (butt plugs), vacs and (vac) pumping (vacuum pumps).

What are sex toys?

The term covers a wide range of accessories designed to heighten sexual pleasure, either on your own or when playing with others.


Dildos are black or flesh-coloured cock-shaped, or occasionally fist-shaped, pieces of rubber or silicone: silicone is softer and warmer. They come in a range of sizes, up to as big as almost the size of a traffic bollard. Usually they have a flared base or fake balls attached to the bottom to stop them getting stuck inside somebody.

Some are double-headed, designed for two men to use, each taking one end up their arse at the same time.

Butt plugs

Butt plugs also come in different sizes, are made of rubber or silicone with flared bases, but are more pointed and cone-shaped: they don’t try to look like a cock. The idea is to get anal stimulation from sitting on the plug, often for a long time.


Vibrators are cock or torpedo-shaped, made of hard plastic with a twist-on base into which batteries are placed that power their vibrating effect once inserted inside the arse. They often have attachments and can operate at different speeds.

Love eggs

Also know as anal, Thai or climax beads.

Love eggs are basically a ‘string of pearls’ for the arse. Around five to a strand, from small marble-sized spheres to tennis ball size, you cover them with lube, insert one by one, then pull out by the string as you come.

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are see-through cylinders that fit over a cock. Air from around the cock is removed, creating suction. This draws blood and other fluid into the dick leaving it temporarily bigger than before, and bigger than its normal state when erect.

The pumped erection may be wetter, bluer and less hard than normal. To keep this hard-on a rubber ring around the base of the cock needs to be worn.

What’s the attraction?

Dildos, unlike dicks, are always hard and can’t give you infections unless shared with other people. You can choose the size, colour and shape you want.

For men new to fucking or fisting, dildos allow you to practise on your own the muscle relaxation needed to take an object up the arse. They also can give a more intense orgasm when wanking or fucking as the prostate is more easily stroked with a dildo than during sex with a cock.

Butt plugs give anal stimulation and help stretch an arse hole ahead of fucking. Some men get a kick from the naughtiness of wearing a plug in what are usually non-sexual situations, such as at work.

Vibrators give more sensation than a dildo due to their constant vibrating motion.

Vacuum pumps can give men a few more inches on their cock for a while. They can also help men who have problems getting or staying hard. Another part of the appeal comes from wearing a vacuum pump in public (eg, in a sex club) and being the centre of attention.

Last review: 25/09/2018
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