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AKA: oral, blow job (BJ), giving head, going down on someone, cocksucking, face fucking, French (polishing), gobble, fellatio, deep throat, face rape.

Hanky code

Light blue worn:

  • on the right (wants to suck)
  • on the left (wants to be sucked)

What is sucking?

Sucking is using mouth, throat, lips or tongue (or any combination of these) to stimulate a man’s cock and balls, sometimes to ejaculation.

What’s the attraction?

Most parts of the cock and balls are full of nerve endings and pleasure receptors, especially the glans (bell end) and frenum (or frenulum), which is the narrow bridge of skin joining the foreskin to the bell end.

There’s a huge taboo about a man taking another’s penis in his mouth – hence the insult “sucker” or “cocksucker” – and is seen by some as a powerful symbol of control, domination/submission and humiliation.

Some men get off on the retching that can go with cocksucking; a sign of a man being ‘forced’ to do something they’d rather not (or pretending to).

Whether cum is swallowed or not, sucking a guy until he cums brings a real sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Last review: 25/09/2018
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