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Avoiding trouble

Online and apps

When hooking up with guys online or on dating apps, it’s worth remembering that while most people are genuine, not everyone is well-intentioned. Take some basic precautions to ensure your safety, and prevent identity theft.

Personal information

Be wary about giving out personal information to strangers online or on apps, especially addresses, phone numbers and details of when you’re not at home, where you work, hang out, and so on.

Any personal information may be used against you for burglary or theft, including identity theft.


Some people use pictures of other people (or photos many years old) to hide their real identity, or intentions.

When you send out pictures or videos of yourself, you’re sending them out into the world. There’s nothing to stop someone from forwarding them to others or posting them online. Cam chats can be captured and stored without you knowing.

Be aware of the risks in collecting or recording images of SM sex. In the hands of the police, porn can be used as evidence of a crime. And UK pornography laws became stricter in 2009 when it comes to violent images.

Read more about SM images and the law.

Last review: 06/09/2018
Next review: 06/09/2021